PCTC Rescue

The Potomac Cairn Terrier Club is a breed club that aims to be of service to members, fanciers, humane societies, and the general public, so far as Cairn Terriers are concerned. The PCTC Rescue Committee fosters, rehabilitates, and places Cairn terriers who are in need of new homes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What You Should Expect from Rescue

Rescue is not about finding you the perfect pet. Rescue is about finding a loving little dog a perfectly loving home. If you are looking for an adorable young Cairn to meet your wants, we encourage you to go to our Breeder Referral section to contact Cairn Breeders.

Patience is a virtue with normal dog training and training terriers requires even more patience. Training a rescued terrier may require even more patience than that. Owning a pet is a big commitment in itself. Taking on a rescue dog may be more than you bargained for.

Many rescued dogs have been badly treated or poorly socialized by former owners. Patience and skill are needed to train these dogs to tolerate human contact and to refrain from barking at each and every provocation. Do not force physical contact on the dog, since trust takes time to establish. Offer treats and/or praise to get the dog to come to you.

You will need to exhibit extra care and patience without letting the dog take over the household. All dogs need to know that the human is in charge. There is no formula for how long it will take and some rescue dogs never fully recover from their history. However, your time and patience will be rewarded.